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  • Swirl Diffuser

    Swirl Diffuser

    Product Introduction of the swirl diffuser The swirl diffuser is made of aluminum or galvanized sheet. The vertical can make big airflow rates with only a little turbulence. The swirl diffuser shall be high induction fixed air pattern horizontal and shall be suitable for...

  • Linear Slot Diffuser

    Linear Slot Diffuser

    Product introduction of the linear slot diffuser The frame & blades are made of aluminum. The black blades can be fully adjusted vertically or horizontally from face opening. Slot diffuser are space saving supply and extract air combinations. Product parameter of the...

  • Egg Crate Grille

    Egg Crate Grille

    Aluminum Egg Crate grille for ceiling and wall Product introduction of the aluminum egg crate grille Aluminum Egg Crate grille is available in anodized alum.finish or power coated. The durable and light weight egg crate grilles are suitable for all types of ceiling and wall....

  • Egg Crate Core

    Egg Crate Core

    Product introduction of the aluminum egg crate core Aluminum egg crate core is made of aluminum alloy sheet, Lattices have the same size and distributed uniformly. Lattices structure is absolutely stable. Size can be customized according to requirement Product parameter of...

  • Deflection Grille

    Deflection Grille

    Product introduction of the aluminum deflection grille Single and double aluminum deflection grille is light durable and easy to install. Our grilles are recommended for sidewall application. Blades are easy to be adjusted from the face of grilles. Grilles style and size can...

  • Return Air Grille

    Return Air Grille

    Product introduction of the return air grille Aluminum return air grilles are produced from high corrosive resistant aluminum alloy sheet ,mainly used for return air of ceiling and side walls, customizable size and style is optional. Product parameter of the return air grille...

  • Disc Air Valve

    Disc Air Valve

    Product introduction of the disc valve Disc valves provide supply and extract air for most commercial, industrial and domestic ventilation application. The air volume flow rate can be adjusted by rotating the central disc. Product parameter of the disc valve Model:...

  • Aluminum Flexible Duct

    Aluminum Flexible Duct

    Product Introduction Of The Aluminum Flexible Duct Our Aluminum Flexible Duct is constructed using aluminum foil, PET and steel wire which prevents our product from corrosion and metal fatigue. Our aluminum flexible duct is with high degree of flexibility, which allows it to...

  • Nylon Fabric Flexible Duct

    Nylon Fabric Flexible Duct

    Product Introduction O f T he Nylon Fabric Flexible Duct Our Nylon Fabric Flexible Duct circulates air through the length of the ducting, and the material can be manipulated and still holds its shape to maintain airflow. It also features acid-base resistance and allows ground...

  • High Temperature Ventilation Duct

    High Temperature Ventilation Duct

    Product Introduction Of The High Temperature Ventilation Duct In high temperature applications, it is essential that you have the proper equipment to handle the heat being applied to your equipment. High temperature ventilation duct is used for extreme heat which can cause...

  • Aluminum Semi-rigid Duct

    Aluminum Semi-rigid Duct

    Product Introduction O f T he Aluminum Semi-rigid Duct Semi-rigid aluminium ducting is a lightweight, flexible but strong corrugated aluminium duct. It is spiral wound with a unique interlocked and knotted continuous seam. It mostly needs only the fittings or mechanics at...

  • Hose Clamp

    Hose Clamp

    Product Introduction Of The American Hose Clamp High quality perforated American clamp is made by zinc plated steel or stainless steel It can be used in fastening air diffuser and air conditioning hose; also it can be used in fixing household plumbing and liquefied gas hose....