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Glass Wool Insulation

  • Glass Wool Blanket

    Glass Wool Blanket

    Product introduction of the Glass Wool Blanket FANRYN centrifugal glass wool blanket are made for large laying area. Beside the character of thermal insulation, it also has the performances of shock absorption and acoustical isolation, especially for middle or low frequency...

  • Glass Wool Batts

    Glass Wool Batts

    Product introduction of the glass wool batts FANRYN glass wool insulation batts are made of long and resilient glass fiber, bonded with a thermal setting resin. The FANRYN glass wool batts are a superior thermal insulation with excellent sound absorption properties....

  • Glass Wool Board

    Glass Wool Board

    Product introduction of the glass wool board FANRYN centrifugal glass wool board is a plate product with a fixed strength after hot-setting the centrifugal glass wool. It has excellent thermal insulation performance at both high and low temperature environment. It is mainly...

  • Glass Wool Pipe

    Glass Wool Pipe

    Product introduction of the glass wool pipe Glass wool Pipe Section is a kind of economical insulating material which is light and easy to install. This material has excellent performance of heat and sound insulation under both extremely high and low temperature conditions...

  • Fiberglass Ceiling Board

    Fiberglass Ceiling Board

    Product introduction of the Fiberglass Ceiling Board FANRYN fiberglass ceiling board is manufactured from high density fiberglass wool. The visible face has a decorative fiberglass tissue and the back of the tile is covered with normal tissue. The four edges are sealed and...

  • High Temperature Glass Wool

    High Temperature Glass Wool

    High Temperature Glass wool Product introduction of the High Temperature Glass wool High-temperature resistant glass wool is the product in board or felt form, which is manufactured by special material and processing technique. It is widely used in various high temperature...