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Aluminum Foil Facing

  • Double Sided Reflective Foil Facing

    Double Sided Reflective Foil Facing

    Product Introduction Of The DOUBLE SIDED REFLECTIVE FOIL FACING Double sided reflective foil facing consists of aluminum foil, Polypropylene adhesive, Kraft and fiberglass scrim reinforcement. Polypropylene adhesive is utilized as the bonding agent. With light weight and good...

  • FSK Facing

    FSK Facing

    Product Introduction Of the FSK FACING FSK facing is named as Foil-Scrim-Kraft Facing, it is made with aluminum foil, fiberglass scrim, adhesive and kraft paper. It applies easily and is excellent for use with a variety of insulation types and FSK facing tapes. It is mainly...

  • Heat Sealing FSK Facing

    Heat Sealing FSK Facing

    Product Introduction Of the HEAT-SEALING FSK FACING Heating sealing FSK facing offers good thermal insulation performance, and it is widely used as vapor barrier or radiant barrier materials. It can be laminated with other types of heat insulation materials such as glass...

  • Aluminum-glass Cloth Foil Facing

    Aluminum-glass Cloth Foil Facing

    Product Introduction Of The ALUMINUM-GLASS CLOTH FOIL FACING Aluminum-glass cloth foil facing is constructed using aluminum foil and fiberglass cloth which are laminated together using fire retardant adhesive. Thanks to its high tensile strength and wearing resistance, it is...

  • PSK Facing

    PSK Facing

    Product Introduction Of The PSK Facing PSK facing is the short name of polypropylene scrim Kraft facing. It is an insulation material for various metal building, such as warehouse, factory, supermarket, gym, office, and so on. With good corrosion resistance, the general...

  • Perforated Foil Facing

    Perforated Foil Facing

    Product Introduction Of The PERFORATED FOIL FACING Perforated foil facing is chosen when the acoustic insulation is required to be fastened to the visible underside of a concrete slab where high acoustics are required. Perforated foil facing is not a new invention but it is...

  • Aluminum Bobble Foil

    Aluminum Bobble Foil

    Product Introduction Of The ALUMINUM BUBBLE FOIL This new advanced product is an excellent insulation material, can be well-suited to both extreme cold and hot climate. The high density pure aluminum foil can reflect 97% radiation that penetrate through sheet iron, wall...

  • Aluminum Woven Foil

    Aluminum Woven Foil

    Product Introduction Of The ALUMINUM WOVEN FOIL The FANRYN Woven Foil is manufactured laminating aluminum foil or metalized polyethylene to high-density polyethylene woven fabric, can be used as radiant barrier and vapor barrier in tiled or metal roofing. Its high tensile...